I record and film three songs for Roberto in the studio

THERE’S a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with the vinyl manufacturer.

We’re now on our third quote as they keep ‘forgetting’ about items like coloured vinyl set up charges and so on. We finally get it settled and I request an invoice and payment link as I’m keen to get it the expenditure through int he current tax year…which means I have to get ti paid today.

I’ve a signer/songwriter coming to the studio to record three songs and they’ve asked me to shoot accompanying video or the performance. He’s meant to be coming at 2pm, but calls at 1pm to say he’s early and can either come up…or go for a coffee. Better to get a start on things now…but there’s no invoice or payment link from the vinyl folks, so I guess my hopes of getting payment through today are scuppered 🙁

Anyway, nice to see Roberto and we have a coffee and I run through how I see the afternoon going to make sure he’s happy with the approach. He is, and we have a good three hours or so in the studio recording and filming.

The video edit will be done over the next few days, but I want to mix the audio with Roberto beside me to make sure he’s happy with the sound and the mix.

We say cheerio and I go into the office to do some work on my accounts then realise I haven’t renewed our BT contract. Can’t remember when it needs done and I don’t want our bills bumped up to double what we’re paying…especially for shite broadband!

I log into the BT website and initiate a ‘live chat’ to ask about renewal date and also complain, again, about the terrible upload speed. The person on the other side’s English and understanding of things seems a bit off track and after an hour (yup, a fucking hour!) I suggest I get  transferred to their supervisor. I explain about upload speeds and while I understand that they don’t have a guaranteed speed, 0.3Mbps is useless. Not fit for purpose and certainly no justification for paying the same costs as those with fast – or even ‘superfast’ broadband.

I suggest that part of the problem may be that when the BT engineers came to move our master socket, I suspect they put joins in the cable rather than running a cable from the main line straight into the back of the socket…we’ve always been told not to use extension cables etc as it compromises the speed.

The person on the chat says this isn’t the problem – I disagree – and offers to ‘clear the line (which will take a day or two!) and send us a new ADSL filter which they think will improve things. I think that’s bollocks, but we’ll try it and see. Then we’ll no doubt go through the whole damn rigmarole again.

I’m giving a slide guitar masterclass over Skype at 8pm and decide to use my phone and mobile signal which is now considerably faster than out broadband.

Margaret’s gone to visit Betty and Joe and, after my session is done, calls to ask me if I want to nip along for a glass of wine…