One of the three videos filmed and recorded live for Roberto Cassani…

MAIN task today is editing the three videos I shot for Roberto in the studio yesterday.

Of course, it’s never as simple as that. A web client whose sites I set up a year ago has emailed to say the items in her online  shop have ‘disappeared’. I investigate and sure enough the shop is empty. The code for the items has been deleted and that could really only have been the client when messing about behind the scenes..or myself (extremely unlikely!).

I rebuild the shop and make some other requested updates – one of which is a news/blog post. In doing so, I discover a post from  hacker saying ‘this site has been hacked’! I take it down, add the new post and then advise my client. I’m not sure that this is anything to do with the shop items disappearing as the hacker appears more mischievous than malicious. Also, it appears her other site has been hacked too and the shop there is fine.

I also recommend changing her login username and password for each site to something a wee bit harder to hack and also upping the security on the site. She agrees and so begins a couple of hours’ of unplanned work.

I resolve to write to all my past web clients and offer them a maintenance package…I always go to lengths to explain at the start of a web project that backups and ongoing maintenance are vital. Gone are the days of websites being a few flat-file html pages and a folder of images. A website’s like a car house or anything else….it need maintained and looked after, not left in background as a fait accompli.

Anyway! I’m done by lunchtime and then head in to the studio to edit Roberto’s videos. I get two of the three done then go for a walk up the lochside to clear my head while they render before tackling the final one.

When I get back, the first two videos have finished processing/rendering, I complete the third edit and leave it rendering and go back to the house where i start to upload the first two videos to Dropbox. With our crap broadband this could take a while.

After a late dinner I write and distribute news releases for the Newcastle, Sheffield and Bonfest (Kirriemuir) shows at the end of the month then pour a dram and head for bed.