WE have a mega breakfast then I get busy with final packing up of the artwork and audio files for the live album vinyl production.

The whole lot is under two gig, so it can be sent to the production company via wetransfer.com – I start it uploading and get a message saying the upload is gonna take around 16 hours. Jeez. Thar’s our slow broadband for ya! I get busy with some other stuff and watch progress…messages telling me it’s gonna take anything between 10 and 19 hours to upload.

We do some work in the garden then I do a Facebook Livestream test connecting a laptop via my mobile phone’s 4G signal…I wanna try pushing pre-reorded video and graphics into the livestream. It works, so I plan a proper livestream at 5pm tomorrow (Sunday).

It’s not quite what it appears, though – the reach of the desktop/computer-driven livestream using Facebook’s API keys and server is a fraction of what we’ve had going direct from mobile. We’ll get a better idea of the effectiveness after the main event!

Margaret’s been busy doing some housework and notices a damp smell in the spare bedroom. We clear out the room and realise the carpet is damp. Pulling it back, the underlay is sodden. Absolutely waterlogged. Looks like the little ‘drip drip’ Margaret discovered under the sink last night (from the washing machine pip connection) has had a bit of a cumulative effect. The floorboards are saturated too. I take some photos and phone the insurance company emergency number. I know it’s not an emergency, but I’m keen we don;t do anythign to make it worse or reduce the chances of a successful – if it becomes necessary – claim.

The guy’s helpful and logs the info which he says he’ll pass on to our insurer and  they’ll be in touch on Monday, Meantime, we’ve just to  roll the carpet and underlay back as much as possible, do our best to make sure any leaks are stopped and open the window to try and stop things getting any worse.

By this time we need to eat – we;’re having an early dinner before our local book club…which this time is a film night and the whole thing should be called ‘wine club’ anyway!

I throw some burgers on the grill outosde, we eat then go and pick up Betty, Joe and Arthur. Margaret’s offered to drive.

We have a grand night at Maureen’s watching – and discussing – I, Daniel Blake…a pretty powerful movie…