Click above to watch the Facebook livestream on ‘replay’…

THE spare room floorboards seem to be drying out a little – we open the window wide and hope the breeze blowing through the house will help.

While Margaret sorts breakfast I clean last night’s burger residue from the outside grill and cut the grass.

I nip along the road to meet Martyn and we go for a wee walk. The threats of rain don’t amount to anything and we blether as we wander down to the river and back.

There’s a few things to get ready for my 5pm Facebook Livestream – all the ‘assets’ I want to include in my broadcast including some video from the live album recording show, album artwork, stuff for sale etc.

A pal stops by with some photos they want retouched and printed then it;s time to go live on Facebook. Margaret monitors comments and stuff while I try and stay on top of the broadcast…I do a few live tunes and a all the elements come together fine. I reasonably happy with our first attempt at creating a more ‘produced’ broadcast. The replay is embedded above – or see it on my Facebook page here.

The downside – as I hinted at yesterday – is that Facebook don’t let this kind of livestream (ie: using third party software and a computer to ‘inject’ the stream into Facebook’s infrastructure) loose in the same way they do when it’s streamed direct from a phone, so the reach – and subsequent traction – is a lot less.

In between times I’ve been trying to upload artwork and audio master files to the vinyl production folks, but the connection keeps dropping. I’m now splitting the stuff up and sending it in smaller chunks, but it’s still flaky. Think I’ll have to go into Glasgow tomorrow (Monday) and find some faster public wifi…

The underlay in the spare room is saturated…so we lift it and chuck it int he woodshed to give the floor half a chance to dry out. Think the carpet’s a gone-er too 🙁