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I NEED to get into Glasgow to try uploading the audio masters and artwork for the double vinyl edition of the live album…but I also need to get some stuff out the way before I go.

There’s also a wee job for a local pal needing sorted…it’s dead simple and no bother, but for some reason i’s been dragging on for ages. I think I can ‘make it ‘go away’ for them, so get things moving before I go into town.

First job in Glasgow is to get some wedding photos I’ve been working on for someone else into the lab – I didn’t take the photos, but when they were printed the colour was all wrong. I did a wee bit of work on the images and will now get ‘proper’ prints from the lab.

While the photos are being printed I tether the laptop to my phone and use my mobile 4G signal to send off the vinyl masters and artwork. Each file is sent in less than five minutes…same file from home was taking upwards of 13 hours and crashing somewhere in the middle of the transfer.

There’s some shopping to get then I pick up the prints and make my way home via a carpet place where I get some underlay and gripper strips to replace the saturated stuff we lifted from the spare room floor. The floor boards seem to be drying out OK and the carpet which is now outside hanging over the fence, might – if we’re lucky – not be destined for the dump.

With an insurance excess of £250 we’re probably better dealign with it ourselves unless there’s any more damage we haven’t discovered yet.

Our BT contract need renewed this week if we’re to avoid the monthly payment nearly doubling. Of course, I have this huge bee in my bonnet about the shite broadband speed, especially upload speed. BT say they don’t guarantee upload speed but my point is that 0.25mbs isn’t ‘fit for purpose’. I spent two hours on online chat the other day trying to get a response…I’ve done this three or four times over the last six months and go through the same time-wating rigmarole of changing the router, connecting via a cable, running BT’s own speed test. Last week they said they would ‘clear the line’; and send me new ADSL filters. I knew this wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference and, of course, it hasn’t.

Today’s ‘chat’ is no different. I comply so as not to break the rules, get the same nonsense reply, get transferred to a supervisor who tells me it’s because we don’t have fibre and we can’t expect anything better. If that’s the case, why have I spent over ten hours going through the same shit evey time and it’s taken them all this time to tell me.

No change then, and no immediate option but to renew my contract. Interestingly, BT sends no reminder or advice that your contract is about to expire – and they’ll automatically take £79 a month by direct debit instead of the agreed £42.50 if it’s no renewed. And there’s no ‘renew my contract’ option on the BT website. 

Not wanting to deal with any more overseas folks that just don’t get it, I find a phone number and call them. At last I speak to someone who understands…I explain my dilemma and they sympathise while finding out that Openreach have our exchange ‘in scope’ for fibre to premises connection. No dates or timescales, but it’s a step in the right direction. 

After dinner I pick up on the job for our pal then do some stuff on the website before calling it a day.


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