MARGARET’S been asked to speak on a music industry panel at an event coming up soon and needs to send them a biog and a photo.

I fire off a quick portrait for Margaret…

First job of the day, then is to take a suitable snap. We don’t want a studio pic…and it’s blowing a gale outside which isn’t very hair-friendly for pix…so I decide to set up the pic in the house with the patio doors open to give an outdoor background.

While Margaret makes breakfast I set up an off camera flash and get the makeshift studio ready. Then I fire off some pix which, I think, work out pretty good.

There’s some changes to the artwork I’ve been helping a local pal with and a few other tasks needing immediate attention.

Next priority is the CD pack for the forthcoming live album. It’s not simply a case of reducing the vinyl pack art…the dimensions are completely different and, of course, the type sizes and layout will differ. Also, there’s an extra ‘page’ as well as an under-tray image to think about for the six-page digipak.

I get a load done before lunch then we drive to the village for our appointments with the hygienist. I go first then set out walking home – Margaret passes me on the road and I meet up with her at Betty and Joe’s for a coffee.

Back home, I continue with the CD pack design and layout which, with a break for dinner, I get mostly finished by 11pm…I;m ready for a wee dram then bed!