MIKEY goes out for a walk in search of chaga – a relatively rare and hard to find mushroom/fungus that grows on silver birch trees (usually dead ones) and allegedly boasts medicinal properties.

I still have some bits and bobs to tidy up on the live album manufacturing and there’s other stuff like the setting up of the downloads for the cards that will be included with the vinyl format.

The spare room has, thankfully, dried out OK. After calling the insurance company to say we won’t be making a claim we hang the carpet in the sun and fresh air for a final bout of airing and give it a skoosh with some Fabreeze (or whatever it’s called). Meanwhile Maragret puts down the new gripper strip and underlay then we get the carpet back down.

I’m doing a bacon-wrapped pork loin for dinner and get it on the smoker then we get the bed rebuilt in the spare room and move some of the stuff back in/

While the pork smokes away I go through my to-do lists and clear most of the pile of papers that;s been gathering over the last week to two then hit the office to get some more work done on my accounts.

By the time the pork’s done I’ve made some good progress with the spreadsheets and accounts. I might even have it all nailed tomorrow – which would be a real weight off my shoulders.

Mikey’s back from his excursion empty-handed but seems to have had a good day out.

We eat then watch some telly before turning in for an early night.