I’VE managed to clear the backlog of papers and ‘stuff to do’ from the dining table and got the laptop back out to the office which is good for keeping work ad home tasks separate.

After breakfast I tackle some of the other stuff needing put through the spreadsheets…car and allowable house expenses and, more importantly, income.

Margaret’s helping Mikey with some stuff in the house and I go back for a coffee and a slice of apple pie. Although I’m minimising sugar and carbs, it doesn’t mean I can have the occasional treat.

Margaret takes Mikey to Balfron for the bus back to Dundee and I carry on with my spreadsheets. I don’t note all our online sales individually through the year, preferring to have just one summary line in my income spreadsheet.

Going through Paypal’s clumsy reporting is a bit of a chore, but WooCommerce – the back end framework I use for my web shop – is awesome and gives me all the info I need very quickly and easily.

Soon after 5pm my spreadsheets are pretty much complete and I have the majority of info I’ll need for my tax return so I reward myself with a walk up the lochside.

While out, I listen to a couple of podcasts and note some good ideas to increase Facebook livestream engagement – might try some of that out over the weekend.

When I get home Betty’s popped round and drinks are on the go so I crack open a beer and join in the chat 🙂