TWO things on todays to-do list…live EP and tax return.

I start with the live EP. It’s gonna be four songs that aren’t on the live album and will be free in exchange for an email address/joining my mail list. I’m going round in circles a bit with the back end and make a splash/landing page. I’ll work the direct back end later.

Also, although the EP will be free, it makes sense to ave it available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc so I start the process of setting that up. While the files are uploading I go for a walk.

Back in the office I decide to tackle the tax return and spend an hour on some new-fangled login/verification process. At least I get through it…last year there was a whole registration rigmarole that involved waiting on stuff coming through the post.

I get a few pages of the tax return done by the time Margaret calls me in for dinner.

A few more things to do before a dram and an early-ish night…meetings in Glasgow all day tomorrow.