ANOTHER slow start to the day…it’s Easter sunday, so I guess we’re allowed.

After breakfast Martyn and the dug pop round and we go out for a short walk and catch up on what’s been going down. We’re working on some stuff together on Wednesday wh’ch is cool.

I plan a Facebook Livestream for later on – wanna try out some ideas like letting folks choose which instruments I play and running a CD giveaway. I send out a few messages on social media letting folks know I’ll be live at five…

There’s some work to do in setting up the free live EP. Haven’t decided how/when I’m gonna go live with it, but I wanna get all the prep done. 

I was planning on a more produced broadcast using OBS and the laptop, but Margaret suggests we do a more grass-roots show and go live direct from the iPhone. It’ll be interesting to compare traction of today’s livestream with last week’s…both are a Sunday, same time,and same amount of promo/advance notice with the platform being the only difference.

Ten minutes before the Facebook Livestream I take the guitars and banjo outside and we set up for the go-live…but the 4G signal seems to have disappeared and we’re a good five or ten minutes late getting the livestream going. 

Once we’re done we visit Betty and Joe for an aperitif then make our way home, have dinner and chill for a while before bed.