Want a free copy of the ~new Live EP? Click above!

I NIP out to the office to send off proofs of the photos from yesterday, but before I get a chance the phone rings…someone I took some pix for recently is needing some prints.

While the proofs are uploading I put together a quote for the prints then go back to the house for breakfast.

Main job today it to sort out the free EP download so that an email is required to get the freebie. Once that’s done I build a ‘landing page’ for my website so visitors have the option of getting the free EP or entering the website.

It’s a fiddly job getting something together that works on desktop and mobile, then it’s lunchtime.

I picked up a fly/insect screen for the office door in Lidl for less than a  fiver and spend some time fitting it. Pretty crap, although it’ll do the job I guess.

The rest of the afternoon is taken up writing a news release about the free EP and firing it out to radio and press around the globe. May as well try and use these tracks to get some airplay and advance publicity for the album as well as a mailing list incentive.

We decide on an early dinner and go through to Edinburgh to stay at Les’s…means we don’t have too early a start for the Born to Be Wide music industry conference tomorrow…