HADN’T realised there’s so much on the to-do list today…so I get cracking in the office.

There’s a load of things I noted down while we were at the Wide Days conference and a lot of thank you and ‘nice to meet you’ emails to be sent.

I get busy with that while Margaret works on booking some shows round the album launch. Hopefully some of them will be confirmed in time for the May 1 eNewsletter.

The hi-res photos from last week’s corporate photoshoot are meant to be sending to the client via wetransfer, but the 300+ meg zip file is stuck at 9% – I end up using my phone;s data connection and manage to get it all uploaded in 20 minutes.

While the upload’s churning away we listen to another side of the test pressing vinyl with just one wee note to check a slightly over-loud crackle.

I’m half on standby to take some pix at a small local event so don’t want to get too bogged down and make up set lists for Thursday’s Newcastle show and my Bonfest appearance in Kirriemuir on Sunday. After lunch I get into the studio and rehearse some of the material. I’m a bit rusty having only played a short in-store set since my last full gig on 4 March – the album recording show.

There’s no word about time or location for the local photo opportunity, so I reckon it’s maybe been put on hold and get busy with trying to sort Apple Pay as a payment option for my webstore. Fiddly, time-consuming techie stuff and even tho’ it all looks good, the checkout process is getting stuck in a ‘processing’ loop. I find neither a reason nor a solution, so it’ll have to wait – we need to get the remining two sides of vinyl checked so I can OK (or not) the test pressings.

Sides C and D are sounding good, so it’s just a weird noise on side A and rather loud crackle on side B. That’s why, I presume,we get five test pressing for each disc – so I compare and find the weird ‘whoosh’ noise – albeit very brief – is present on the other pressings. The other crackles etc bare either absent or in totally different places, so I put them down to static and vinyl imperfections.

For the ‘whoosh’ I check the mixes and find that it’s on the ,masters too – must just be me slavering into the mic. I doubt anyone would notice it anyway, and I’m pleased it’s not a fault with the pressing.

Another day has whizzed past with no time for a walk or any fresh air – and it;s dinner time already. After we eat I spend some time in the office then go back to the house for a wee dram and an early night.