IT’S nearly 10am when I wake up and struggle to the toilet, even though it’s only a few feet away in out ‘compact’ hotel room. Feels like I’m walking on bone.

Oddly I have no hangover, but I’m aching all over. Everything hurts I guess I’m not ‘match fit’ and maybe overdid things on stage last night, especially as I haven;t played a full length show for almost two months.

We’re sitting up in bed drinking coffee when the bedroom door suddenly opens at 10.15am…I bellow at the fucker who closes the door as fast as they opened it. Check out isn;t ’til 11am. I seem to remember something similar happening last time we stayed here.

I get some online stuff, including my blog, done and we’re checked out and in the car by 11am. Next stop, Cozy Mo’s for breakfast..despite it’s cheap prices and kitschy name our breakfast rolls – sausage for me, baccon and egg for Margaret – are good. The coffee’s shite tho’.

Margaret drives all the way to Glasgow where we pick up some odds and ends of shopping and have a late lunch in Costco then we roll up at home and unpack.

I’ve a fair bit of work to get through with the live album digital booklet for iTunes needing done and uploaded asap.

We take a walk along to Betty and Joe;s to drop some stuff off and are invited to come back later on for a drink, which we do – and have a nice evening catching up.