UP at a reasonable time today – we’re going to my cousin’s;term on and there’s quite a lot of stuff needing done.

First is to finish the iTunes booklet for the live album, then check all the track uploads and info so that my aggregator can start processing the release and have it ready to deliver into the download and streaming services. Although he release isn’t ’til 1 September, the earlier they get it the better from an advance promo point of view.

With the more immediate release of the free Live EP on Monday, I do an impromptu Facebook livestream to give folks a heads up that it;s coming…in fact the can get it now here – or via the landing page on my website. 

Both the data and broadband connections are terrible, though, and after four attempts I give up….having only just managed to get the word out before the connection dropped each time.

I prepare Facebook banners and an animated Instagram post  for the Live EP to go out first thing on Monday and write/design my eNewsletter to do the same.

Next job it to edit up a wee promo/teaser video for the Live EP and schedule it as a post for 8am Monday….we’ll also use it as a Facebook video ad once it;s been posted.

Happy to have got everything done, we jump in the car to my cousin Fred’s…she’s invited another cousin and her family and Ginny’s across from the ‘States too.

Fred doesn’t do things by halves and there’s enough food to feed 50 folks….and it;s amazing1 We’re all still sitting round the table eating and drinking at 1am. Sharon, Gordon and Callum head home and we have a few drams, finally hitting bed sometime after 3am.