LOOKS like quite a nice day, so as soon as I have the first lot of tasks ticked off the to-do list I cut the grass, do some strimming and spray some weedkiller.

My feeling of being on top of things is short-lived, tho’. An email from the promoters at the venue scheduled for the album launch show on 1 September comes in withdrawing their offer! Because I have a short charity set at Strummerville in  Glasgow at the end of July and a (as yet unconfirmed) slot at Mugstock Festival in July they say they need a clear two months of gigs in the area so have decided to withdraw their offer! I can understand their desire for a clear lead-in time, but the Strummerville show was listed on my website and Mugstock, I would say, would only serve to promote the album launch show and isn’t even in the city…,it’s in Milngavie.

None of this was a problem when Margaret spent two weeks trying to come to the agreement, an offer was issued and last week we created and sent them all the ‘assets’ (artwork, info, pix etc) or their listing etc along with a note saying we planned to announce in my May 1 eNewsletter. We got no acknowledgement of the artwork and info and I was concerned that the stuff they’d requested (and I had sent) had still not been downloaded so Margaret fired off an email to check they’d got it…and got the offer withdrawal in return!!

A waste of time and money – especially as I created special poster and flyer art for the show and sent it all off to the printers last Thursday.

To say we’re disappointed is an understatement – yet another example of why you’re better off doing things yourself and not relying on others/third parties. Oh well, they know best.

We’re almost certainly better of financially doing a self-promo show for the Glasgow show, but it would have been nice to have done it at a venue that would have fitted the sense of occasion. Back to the drawing board.

They did come back and offer the possibility of something at the end of September – but that’s no good for an album release date of 1 September – and anyway, a Glasgow album launch show on/around that date would scupper any dates before November if they stick to the ‘no gigs in Glasgow in the two months before’ policy.

The sun’s out by this time, and the whole thing’s making me sick in the fucking stomach so I go for a walk to contemplate things now that our day has been turned upside down.