Sunshine! So the office is outside today 🙂

AMAZING blue skies this morning…not a cloud in sight.

While I got my accounts all finished the other week, I never found time to get my teeth into my tax return, so that’s today’s main job.

I suppose I have until the end of January 2018 to get the tax return in…but anything could happen between now and then and I certainly can’t risk having to pay a penalty we can’t afford. Besides, better to get any tax liabilities off my chest now, rather than having an unpleasant surprise once all the (or should that be ‘any’?!) money’s gone. Probably on my vinyl pressing and CD duplication for the live album!

There’s been a local enquiry for a web redesign and some photography which could provide a much-needed contribution to my album costs, so I take the laptop outside and sit in the sun to write up the proposal.

The free/promo Live EP has been going well and there’s quite a lot of stuff to do on that, then I diary a live session and interview with Fife-based K107fm for 1 August to start the promo running for the release of the full album (1 September).

An email from the Red Rooster Festival‘s production manager comes in with details of the running order – my slot is second last on the Saturday night (3 June) which is brilliant. They need my tech spec and some other info which I fire off. Really looking forward to this festival 🙂

One of the sets of solar-powered coloured lights along the edge of the office roof is buggered. I got a replacement set – a whole £6-worth – from Amazon the other week, so I get them put up…then go back on Amazon and order some cheapo plain t-shirts for next week’s filming of an episode for the Netflix series Loveless– formerly Scrotal Recall –  in Glasgow.

We really need the live album release UK dates sorted before I can do any PR/promo so I do a wee bit of planning and will discuss with Margaret later….meantime, I take a walk up the lochside and enjoy the last of the evening sunshine.