I get half of the end wall of the office sanded….

MORE sunshine, so after breakfast I take the laptop from the office,and sit under the garden shade to deal with the daily tasks.

There’s some stuff needing done around the house then I look out a sander and make a start sanding the end wall of the office. It’s the side that gets the full force of the sun…and the worst of the weather in winter, so it needs sanded down, treated and re-varnished. A job I could do without.

Anyway, I need to make use of the good weather so it’s good to get a start and then I walk along to the village to vote and back.

Betty and Jpe are coming for dinner later and  Margaret’s making an apple pie for desert. When she’s done I prepare some of the stuff for beef in black bean sauce then go back out to the office to post a quick story on the G63.scot website and fire out a few local news releases about my promo/free live EP.

It’s nice to see Betty and Joe and we have a relaxed evening and manage not to kick the ass out of it too much….