We make a wee trailer for my forthcoming show at the Great British R&B Festival…

A BETTER night than the night before and although I’m feeling like shit at least I can raise my head off the pillow.

The phone rings about 8.30am. It’s Mikey. He’d arranged to come through this afternoon, but looks like he’ll be here in half an hour, so we have to get our shit together.

The PR company working on the Great British R&B Festival where I’m headlineing the acoustic stage and launching the Live at Memorial Hall album was in touch during the week to ask if I could if I could record a video saying I’m appearing at the festival. Now I did this for them a month or two ago, but it seems to have fallen into a black hole and they can;t find it, so I grab some stuff out the studio and we make another.

Despite feeling like shit I somehow manage to pull it together, do a quick edit and send it off.

I spend the res of the day restlessly between the outside swing, bed, couch, chair…just can’t get comfortable.

I made a bunch of burgers last night and despite not feeling much like it, I get the grill ready, light the charcoal and we have dinner outside.

After eating, though, I’m gubbed. I make a Lemsip and head to bed.