STILL feeling crap…and probably the worst night’s sleep (or rather, no sleep) since the lurgy struck.

Of course it’s a beautiful day again which rubs salt in the lurgy wound…and it looks like Margaret’s got it too 🙁

By early afternoon I’ve been up and down and tossed and turned so much I decide to try and get some work done. I go out to the office but my concentration is somewhat lacking. Nevertheless I make a start on a news release and ‘one-sheet’ for the Live at Memorial Hall album. Fast running out of time to get the info out to bigger magazines – their September editions will likely hit the street end of July (why the fuck they do this I’ll never understand) which means they’ll be in production early July…that doesn’t leave much wiggle room to get my shit to the reviews editors to farm out to their reviewers….

I’ve managed to put together the bones of the news release when I hear a car coming up the drive – it’s my cousin Ian and his wife Sandra out for a run. It’s nice to see them and we enjoy a coffee and a chat in the garden then they head off and I carry on with the promo stuff.

There’s a community council meeting tonight, but we’re both gubbed – Margaret’s had to go to bed and we wouldn’t be flavour of the month is we shared our lurgy!

We pick at our dinner then shuffle our way back to bed….