THERE’S someone coming at 11am so I can ‘guide’ them through taking out a web hosting account.

More than two months has passed since our meeting and acceptance of my web development proposal – but since then nothing’s happened, despite my detailed ‘what you need to do next to get the project moving’ confirmation message.

The meeting takes a little longer than I expect…well, about two hours longer, to be precise… then I try and get on with the rest of the day.

An email and text from the casting agency informs me my call time for tomorrow’s filming in Glasgow. 7am. Jeez. That’s a 5.30am rise. I’m still not feeling 100% so hope I;m better tomorrow. I spend a while gathering all the ‘costume options’ which isn’t exactly stress-free for a whole variety of reasons.

So, imagine, my annoyance when I get a text from the casting agency at 7.30pm saying “production have had to cancel you for tomorrow…”. Really?  This was a confirmed booking a week and a half ago!

And ‘production’? Who the fuck is ‘production’? The director, Assistant director? Second assistant director? One thing’s for sure, an inanimate ‘entity’ did not make a last minute decision to bomb someone out without payment/compensation…it was a person. A human being. And obviously one that doesn’t give a fuck.

I understand it’s not the casting agency’s fault, but surely a confirmed booking is exactly that…not something to be rebuked at the last minute…if they don’t hold folks to an agreement then this will undoubtedly keep happening. And I don’t buy the old chestnut of “oh, but that’s how it is in television/film”. Bollocks. It’s almost as a bad as the ‘it’ll be good exposure’ reasoning often emanating from the lips of folks expecting you to play a free gig.