QUITE a lot better today, thank goodness….

With so much stuff having gone undealt with for the last week, most of my day is spent reassigning tasks and reviewing deadlines.

Emerging as top priority is planning for the industry/media launch of Live at Memorial Hall. We’re hosting the event at the Scottish Music Centre at the end of August which seems a long way off, but we need to get the invites out asap.

Not only do I need to get the invites printed – and done so affordably – I need to make up (and no doubt rationalise) the potential guest list.

After a bit if discussion we decide that it’s as well to get new promo postcards printed…and if we get ’em done on decent card, then they may double up as event invitations if I’m careful with the design/overprinting of the reverse.

There’s also posters for some upcoming shows to be parcelled up ready for sending out. By the time they’re done I’m kind of puggled and decide an early night might help   rid me of the lingering remains of the lurgy…