WE both had a better night’s sleep which is hopefully pushing the lurgy away.

I really need to get on with the end wall of the office which I (mostly) sanded down a week ago. it needs some more sanding, a wipe down and a first coat of anti-fungal stuff.

Susie and Kim are coming for the night tomorrow and we promised I’d do a bacon-wrapped pork loin on the smoker. I prepare the bacon lattice, trim the pork, add some rub and – with some help from Margaret – wrap the thing and put it in the fridge outside.

Having lost most of the week to the lurgy, there’s still a lot of stuff needing done and/or re-organised.

Suddenly it’s after 6pm. We need to have a bite to eat and get into Glasgow for our pal Rab Noakes’ 70th birthday party. 

There’s not many folks we know when we arrive, but as the crowd gathers it’s nice to catch up with John Cavanagh, Roddy Hart, Artie Trezise, Duncan, Irene…

After a wee ‘buffet break’ Rab takes the stage and plays a few songs and it’s quite a privilege to be asked up to play – even if it’s a little nerve-wracking playing to such an audience and our esteemed host 🙂