I WAKE up thinking it might be 10am or so….but when I roll over and see the clock it’s nearly midday. F’sakes!

Not only that, but I’m first up! Margaret follows and get breakfast started while I put out last night’s empties. When I come back inside, Kim and Susie are up and about and we have breakfast in the garden in the sunshine.

It’s a nice afternoon so we decide on a walk before out guests head off. A short wander up to Manse Bay then we stop in to see Betty and Joe on the way back. It’s ‘after that time’, so out comes the gin and the wine….uh oh 😉

Back at ours, Susie and Kim hit the road and I get busy cleaning the smoker and take advantage of the nice evening to get a second (and , hopefully, final) coat of anti-fungal wash on the sanded wall of the office. I’ll get it filled and treated next dry day.