LOOKS like we’ve both managed to rid ourselves of the lurgy, so we need to get on with the to-do lists that are overflowing.

There’s a lot of stuff to discuss relating to the media/industry launch of the Live at Memorial Hall album…guest lists, invitations and logistics…not to mention the format of the event and any online/streaming arrangements. I’m hoping to get Glengoyne on  board to an have a meeting with them next week to discuss.

We have a lengthy debate about the invitations. Were almost out of of promo postcards…and we’re skint, so it makes sense to try and kill two birds with one stone.

There’s ticketing to be organised and supports to be thought about for the album launch shows in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness….and more post launch dates to be planned/booked.

A courier delivery needs checked and sorted out in the rain – it’s all OK, but on inspection of the shipment there’s some key stuff missing. Hope we haven’t fucked up!

I’m a little frazzled by the end of the day…hopefully tomorrow’s a little less fraught.