Visions. Banners in the People’s Palace roofspace catch my eye….

I DROP Margaret off in Ruchill then head for a McDonalds.

Not my usual one in Springburn. Or Braehead. Today I stop at Finnieston.

It’s a good choice, for although the parking’s restricted to an hour, the free wifi is superfast…10-15 meg upload speed which is my main purpose for coming into Glasgow today.

I order breakfast then start uploading all the Live at Memorial Hall audio files to the website that will deliver downloads to folks who buy the double vinyl edition…each one has a download card included.

The zip folder is 200 meg which would take all day at home. I’m barely finished my bagel when the upload is complete. I also upload the folder/audio files to my Dropbox account in preparation for media promo and an ‘advance’ download folder  to my own server for servicing radio. 

I don’t really wanna pop my cherry by giving radio 26 songs all in a one-er, otherwise after a few plays the whole album will be ‘filed’.  I’ll give them a bunch of advance ‘preview tracks’ early August when the  pre-orders go up, then a week or two before release they can get the full album.

Actually, I don’t have much choice as my server and associated back-end scripts won’t let me upload folders bigger than 100 meg, so until I find a way round that, I can’t  upload the full album (200 meg) to the promo distribution system!

I’ve got all I need done in under my allocated parking time of an hour so drop by my mailbox and pick up the mail then – on a whim – decide to go for a walk on Glasgow Green and drop into the People’s Palace for a look round.

Next stop is the Chinese supermarket, Costco and Tesco before picking up Margaret and heading home.

It’s a nice evening, so a I go a wee walk before dinner then watch Andy Murray get knocked out the tennis before finishing off some bits and bobs of work.

Let Glasgow Flourish…I love this terracota fountain outside the People’s Palace on Glasgow Green.