I SLEEP right through the alarm. Margaret’s away out and it’s the washing machine starting a spin cycle that wakes me up!

I need to get tickets on sale for the (so far) three Scottish shows in the wake of the album release – Glasgow on 1 September, Edinburgh on 2 September and Inverness on 9 September. The venues are all needing blurbs and there’s online stuff to do too…but I’m keen to have support/opening acts sorted first. There’s a few potential folks on my list so I fire out a message to number one.

Meantime, our pal Joe was presented with an award for community service last night and I’d like to take a photo and do a wee piece for the G63.scot webzine.

Once I’m done I go home, post the story and pic then film some cutaways for the ‘making of’ video for the live album.

It’s an unexpectedly nice day so I fill in some gaps in the cladding on the end of the office building then check out what wood stain we have int he shed. There’s five or six tubs and tins of different stuff…we’ve used some on the fence, some on the house decking, some on the office decking, some on the conservatory. Which did we use on the office? And what have kept all these containers with dried up dregs!

I get it down to a choice of two – both Sadolin. I test a small are and it’s too dark, so reckon it must be the ‘antique pine’. Difficult to tell, but looks close. There’s only 1/3 of a small tin, so I call Margaret and ask her to pick up a tin on her way home.

Meantime, the filler’s dry, so I make a start on the wood stain with what I have.

It’s fairly easy work, but I rush the last few bits to try and escape the midges which are starting to bite!