WHAT a terrible night! The sickness and restlessness went on ’til 7am then, somehow, I managed to fall asleep.

At 10am when i wake up I feel a lot better. Not quite right, but a lot better.

There’s a vinyl order in from Berlin – someone that saw me at Bonfest who’s pal got the last Whisky in Blood vinyl at the merch tent. Back in stock now, thankfully. I’m out of vinyl mailers, so wrap the disc in bubblewrap, corrugated card then brown paper and tale it down to the village post office.

I’m not really feeling like tackling anything major, so I pick up on a  few wee tasks…the time spent on the makeshift vinyl mailer reminds me to search out and order proper mailers for the forthcoming live album. I find a company called Defendapack and order a bunch ready for when we go on sale.

Next hunt is for stickers to make ‘digital download card included’ for the double vinyl edition of Live at Memorial Hall. The pressing plant was gonna charge about £100 to sticker the packs…I find two packs of round orange stickers I can print myself on Amazon for a tenner.

Although I’m a lot better than yesterday, I’ve puggled myself with thee minor activities and have to go for a lie down. Probably should have rested today, but losing nearly a week to the lurgy the other week – and yesterday to the spewing thing – I can’t afford to let too much stuff build up.