HUNGRY! That’s a good sign after the last few days episodes.

After breakfast I spend a good hour or two trying to work out what the problem with Apple Pay is on my website. When I test it all is fine, touch ID authorises the payment then it goes into an endless ‘processing’ loop. No order confirmation – and no order/payment received.

The online help, forums and stuff offer no help whatsoever. Bollocks.

It’s not raining so I fill in some more of the gaps in the cladding on the south-facing  office wall. If it’s nice tomorrow I’ll give the whole end wall another coat of protector or whatever that Sadolin stuff is.

Our bikes haven’t been out the shed for nearly two years. I pump up flat tyres and take them for a spin round the garden. Both seem to be in decent working order.

My 30-year-old rear carrier won’t fit on our ‘new’ car. Cycling on the roads round here’s not particularly safe, especially for Margaret who needs to build up her confidence on the bike and it’s pretty hilly whatever direction you take. Our last outing to a nice cycle path behind Strathblane was when we still had the old Ford which we could kinda fit the rear rack and bikes on, albeit a bit Heath Robinson. Roof bars and cycle carriers look like costing £350-400 and there’s nothing doing on eBay or Gumtree. We don’t have that kinda dosh – and even if we did, I’d want to make sure we’d get decent use out the bikes…

Back in the office I start compiling lists for the media/industry reception we’re holding to launch the new album prior to it’s release. This is going to need a fair bit of organisation.

Next job is sorting out all the email addresses from folks that have downloaded the free Live EP. The media and personal downloads are kinda mixed up in the spreadsheets so a it of ‘sorting’ work is required…then I need to export the info and import it into my Mailchimp lists. Luckily Mailchimp spots the duplicates and doesn’t import anyone who;s already on a list.

That’s Saturday pretty much gubbed. Margaret’s got dinner ready and calls me in and we eat then relax for what;s left of the night.