I’D hope to sand down some of the filler on the office wall, bit it;s pouring. Ah well…I get on with some bits and bobs of work instead.

Just after midday we jump in the car and make our way to Catriona and Will’s for lunch. Their new kitchen is 99% finished and looking brilliant…and Catriona’s made a big spread for lunch. Roasted pepper and tomato soup, cous cous salad with haloumi and a chickpea and feta salad. It;ls brilliant. Oh, and chocolate cake too. Reckon I’m allowed a wee treat despite trying to avoid sugar and carbs,

We sit and chat all afternoon then head home. I play guitar for a wee while then we take a walk to see Betty and Joe and have a wee aperitif. The aperitif turns into two, then three…and Betty asks us to stay for dinner. Her roast pork is fantastic!

It’s nearly midnight when we get home, full of red wine and dinner!