I make up the stickers for the vinyl pack of the forthcoming live album…much cheaper than getting the pressing plant to do it!

ONCE the routine tasks are cleared we drive along to the Glengoyne distillery for a meeting.

The main aim of the meeting is to discuss ways Glengoyne can support – and be involved with – the press and media launch for the new live album. We throw a few ideas back and forth and  get a plan in place.

We also discuss other possible collaborations between now and the end of the year. All exciting and promising stuff and everyone seems fired up about the possibilities.

I’d hoped to finish the office wall when we got back, but it’s raining, so I get the ball rolling on a some of the stuff we discussed earlier. 

It was gonna be expensive to have the pressing plant sticker up the vinyl packs to highlight that the album includes a free digital download…and also that there’s two bonus tracks and the discs are 180g coloured vinyl. I found some stickers on Amazon for a fiver and they’re in the postbox, so no time like the present to design and print them. A bit fiddly trying to get them to print in the right place but I manage.

I play a bit of guitar before dinner then we have an early night. My brain’s fried with all the ideas going round!