OOFT…lots to do today!

Still waiting on a decision from the guy I’ve asked to open the Glasgow and Edinburgh shows in September. Can’t quite work out what the delay in response is and it’s now starting to hold me back. I don’t like that.

There’s a few things following on from yesterday’s meeting at Glengoyne to be dealt with then I sand down the filler on the outside wall of the office.

Next job is another coat of Sadolin preserver and I’m left in no doubt that midgie time has arrived! While I’m doing this kinda stuff I deal with the grass in the front garden too.

After lunch I embark on a massive online gig-listing exercise. Have’t really been on the case recently – not that it’s a problem as the shows in question are some way off, but it needs done.

After breaking the back of the online stuff I go for a walk. And the rain starts. Ah well. I’m waterprroof.

Back home I do some more work then give Joe a call. I’d promised to help him and Betty with some iPad stuff and subsequently head along to see them. Once we’re done with the iPad I sort out a printer problem then enjoy a glass of wine with Betty, Joe and Arthur before making my way back along the lochside.

Margaret’s been busy in the house and I get the black pepper tofu made. One of our favourites these days 🙂