I rummage around the freezer and manage to find a few odds and ends to grill outside 🙂

GORGEOUS day outside…wasn’t really expecting this!

I get some of the routine stuff out the way then take the MacBook out the office and sit at the garden table. Lots of mailing list maintenance to be done.

The new promo postcards have arrived from the printer – we’re gonna use some of them for the industry/press album launch event so I work on the overprint and, as Glengoyne is our partner in the event, fire it off to them to make sure they’re happy with the working, use of their logo and stuff.

We’re going to pals for a drink later – we think we should have an early dinner and grill something outside. I rummage about in the freezer and manage to find a meal’s-worth of grill-able stuff and let it defrost while I go for a walk up the lochside and try out my new walking shoes and fancy in-soles. They’re great!

I stop at Millarochy bay and do an off-the-cuff Facebook Livestream – I’ll do a more planned one with live music and stuff on Sunday (5pm!)…but this is some fun meantime.

Back home we pull out the grill, eat, then take a bottle of wine along to Betty and Joe’s where we chill and catch up on all things local.