OFF for an early appointment with the nurse at the surgery in the village.

II have a bunch – three at the latest count – of things needing checked out, none of which I wanted to bother the doc with. The nurse deals with two of them and makes me an appointment with the doc for the other.

I drop some stuff off at the post office and head home to get stuck into some work.

My eNewsletter went out as scheduled, but all the social media shares and posts to various groups needs done. It takes as long to do that as put the bluddy thing together int he first place, but it’s important.

There’s a cool poster doing the rounds for a festival I’m playing in Belgium in August which I share about a bit too.

We head south first thing tomorrow (Friday) to Suffolk for the Red Rooster Festival. We’re camping so, need to gather all the extra stuff we need.

In the studio, I tun through my Red Rooster set then get the gear packed and put in the car for an early getaway in the morning.

Then it’s back to the office where I spend a few hours on the album launch event then build a wireframe for the website I’m developing for a local holiday lodge.

Dinner’s chilli-spiced pork belly with roast veg which I have ready when Margaret gets back from a local community trust meeting, 

I’d hoped to relax a bit and have an early night, but when Margaret starts sorting the merch for the festival we realise we need update price lists and all sorts…and, of course, the printer, internet, laptop and everything else that can fuck up does so in good style. Ah well….