AFTER breakfast a number of bleeps and reminders from my calendar alert me to the amount of things needing done today.

With the first of the month tomorrow, I need to get July and onwards gig listings to various national magazines. I also put together my June eNewsletter and schedule it to go out to all my email lists at strategically chosen times tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

Sun’s shining so I take the laptop out the office and into the garden where I get poster art done for  few show later in the year and promptly run out of space on the machine’s hard drive.

I sort out some server-side stuff for a web site I’m developing for a local holiday rental business and get a holding page in place.

A little more work on the live album launch event in late August then I put together my set for Saturday night’s slot at the Red Rooster Festival in Suffolk. That reminds me we need forthcoming gig/info postcards for the festival, so I overprint a big batch of postcards. While they’re printing I charge our credit card/Apple Pay/contactless machine ready for the merch tent.

Fresh air and sunshine beckons and I go for a walk for an hour then make the dinner while waiting on Margaret getting back from the hairdresser in Glasgow.