SWELTERING again inside the tent when I wake up just after 8am. Sun’s splitting the sky again 🙂

Not feeling too tricky, though, so I down a bottle of water then go to the portaloo then try and go back to sleep. To hot and sweaty, though, so we get up and a few cups of coffee help bring us back to life.

We chat to a few of the other folks in the artist camping area, catch up on emails and stuff then start packing up.

We’re on the road soon after 11am and split the 400-odd mile drive to Glasgow where we get some shopping then continue on our way home, stopping off to drop some shopping off to Betty and Joe. We arrange to go back later for a wee drink.

At home we unpack the gear and merch, tidy up all the camping stuff and have  much needed showers. 

After a wee snack we wander back to Betty and Joe’s where the ‘one glass of wine’ turns into many…and it;s after 1am when we stumble our way home along the lochside.