WE both head into Glasgow early.

My first stop is McDonalds in Finnieston where the superfast wifi uploads a couple of videos within two bites of my sausage, egg and cheese bagel!

I get a load of work done while finishing my breakfast and coffee then head to Rightway wholesale in Polmadie to get some lumpwood charcoal for the grill and smoker. Less than a tenner for a 12kg bag of good-sized lumpwood. The best we’ve found.

Great to catch up with JJ for a coffee before he heads back to the USA 🙂

Then it’s back to the west end where I meet my pal JJ for a coffee…he’s from Racine, Wisconsin and books me to play his venues over there. Nice to catch up before he heads back to the ‘States.

I drop JJ in town then hit the Chinese cash’n’carry, pick us some shopping and a snack at Costco, visit Tesco, then pick up Margaret.

We drop some stuff off at my cousin’s on the way home.

The sun’s shining and there’s a nice wee breeze keeping the midges away, so I take the opportunity to cut the grass and do some strimming then go for a wee walk which includes an impromptu Facebook livestream.

On my way back I meet Fiona and Steven who have a wedding invite for us and they stop  by for a beer or four then go on their way. It;s after 9pm when I go outside to grill our burgers and brave the midgies which are, by now, out in force!