AFTER breakfast I make a few tweaks on the website I’ve been developing and put some back-end stuff in place.

Then I call the folks I’m doing it for, talk them through a few things and arrange for them to come tomorrow (Friday) afternoon for a CMS (content management system) tutorial to they can keep some of the more basic stuff up to date without the intervention of ‘an expert’.

A London radio station calls to set up an on-air Skype interview in a couple of weeks whioch is cool and there’s a few other media enquiries to deal with.

A couple more post-album launch shows are confirmed – one in September in Holton-le-Moor (Lincolnshire) and a Nottingham show mid-October on our way to a bunch of shows in Latvia and Estonia. I get some poster and Facebook vent banner artwork done and fire the poster art off to the printer.

Margaret drives us to the village to vote and, as the rain’s off, I elect to walk back and get some exercise.

There’s a bunch of France shows at the end of September and into October, but we’re a little short of details/info. Margaret calls the folks we’re working with an it’s all confirmed…details to follow!

Our plan had been to attend a music industry event in Glasgow this afternoon and tonight. We’d decided the afternoon sessions weren’t a priority, but we’ve so much work to get through we bomb the evening stuff too – nothing very important and very much a ‘nice to do’ rather than a’need to do’…