I GET cracking early and tackle some of the tasks that have come up in the diary – mostly relating to online promo for upcoming gigs.

My web client is coming this afternoon for a site handover and a quick tutorial on making minor changes to the content on their new website. I decide to try and come up with a better logo/symbol to use on the site as the quick thing I knocked up when I started the site was really just meant to be used as a placeholder.

I’m faced with my usual dilemma – the client doesn’t have a logo, neither the design brief or my proposal/quote didn’t include logo design but I want the damn thing to look good and if someone asks ‘who designed the crap logo’ I certainly don’t want to be referenced! So….free logo design or be implicated in something that’s not very good? I knock up a new logo 🙂

Catriona and Will are coming tomorrow night and I plan on smoking a bacon-wrapped pork loin. I make the bacon weave, add some of my Memphis Dust rub and wrap the pork loin. Then I cover the lot with cling film and stick it in the fridge ready for the morning.

The afternoon client meeting motivates me to get all last weekend’s camping stuff tidied away and I’m done just as they roll up.

We have a productive hour or two and they’re happy with the site and update process.

I get some more work done then hit the lochside for a walk.

Back home, I do some more work on upcoming gigs then go along to Betty and Joe’s – we’ve been invited for dinner, but I go along early to help set up their new MacBook.

Half an hour later Margaret joins us, then some more pals arrive and we have an awesome night 🙂