Been a year or more since we’ve seen any red squirrels in the garden….

THINK I overdid the red wine last night..and the large dram I poured before going to bed possibly wasn’t necessary.

When I go outside a movement catches my eye – the back-end of something ginger and furry disappears behind the office. On the way back to the house some kind of commotion behind our outdoor bar but when I go investigate whatever it was has scarpered into the long grass.

I tell Margret and start to think I;m imagining things when we notice a red squirrel on the bird feeder. Mystery solved!

I promised Betty I’d go back along this morning and finish transferring stuff from their defunct computer to their new laptop so I get that all done and have a coffee.

Thankfully the rain’s off when I get back home letting me get the smoker fired up with minimum fuss.

Margaret’s making a rhubarb pie for tonight but there’s not enough rhubarb in the garden. Once the bacon-wrapped pork loin is in the smoker I’m despatched to get some but the shops in the village don’t have any and I end up going to Balloch. None there either, but I pick up some other stuff we need including some cooking apples. Margaret makes a small rhubarb pie and proper-sized apple pie.

All the food for tonight under control means we can get some work done too…a few overseas shows to tie up and I need to update my biog for the promoters’ packs. A knock on effect is that it needs updated on my website and other online places too.

Catriona and Will roll up just after 7pm and we eat, drink and chat the night away. It’s a 3.30am shot.