Coming up with screen-printable artwork for the new t-shirts is proving a bit of a technical challenge…but we get there 🙂

ON a mission to deal with the new t-shirt art work today.

While eating breakfast I watch a few YouTube videos on the best way to create smoke effects in Photoshop. Seems straightforward enough…but how will the images stand up to being turned into half-tones ready for screen printing? We’ll find out later, I’m sure!

My laptop is low on memory so I take my reference files into the studio and put ’em on the ‘big machine’.

By lunchtime I’ve got a test image ready and fire it off to Kenny – the t-shirt cat – to see what he thinks. Meantime, I make some lunch.

Back in the office I put together news releases for my two Almost Blue Festival shows in Dundee on 30 June and 1 July, then fire them off to relevant media.

Kenny’s come back to me saying the image should print well, so it’s back to the studio to refine the design a bit and try out a few options. Margaret’s roped into helping at this stage – she reckons the second colour I like (a red-ish colour) won’t sell so we work on a blue/grey version.

By this time it’s after 8pm and we’d been planning a walk. We go for a quick wander round the local forest tracks then I get dinner ready. Phew. Some day!