WITH my laptop in Glasgow after last night’s forgetful moment I nick Margaret’s MacBook Air to deal with the routine morning emails and social media.

I should be playing guitar or writing songs, but instead I tackle the pork loin Margaret picked up yesterday. I   cut a few chunks off for tonight’s pinchitos, take the layer of fat off and cut the remainder in  half for the smoker…my cousin’s coming for dinner on Saturday and we want to give her something different.

One bit of pork goes in the freezer, and I’ll rub and wrap the other bit on Friday. Talking of which, we’re almost out of rub. I dig about the cupboard and luckily there’s enough of all the ingredients I need to make a batch of Memphis Dust rub. Phew.

Two tasks that I can tackle on Margaret’s computer are getting the promo copies of the Live at Memorial Hall album sorted on Soundcloud and also review my artist profile and stuff on Spotify which has changed all it’s behind the scenes stuff for artists.

After lunch I go out for a walk and call the Scottish Music Centre to arrange for Margaret to call ina nd pick up my bag/laptop.

Back home I continue with the tedious job of sorting all the Soundcloud metadata…there’s two lots of 26 tracks – 320kbs .mp3 version and uncompressed .wav versions. Quite a lot of other ‘housekeeping’ to be done on there too. I’m still at it at 7pm when we decide to go out for a wee cycle. Just a local spin to try and get Margaret used to her bike again.

Martyn and Louise are meant to be coming to pick up an amp…Martyn coming on his bike and Louise driving to take him, the bike and the amp back in the car. I’m getting worried when Louise calls…Martyn’s fallen off his bike, so they won’t be coming tonight.  Doesn’t sound too serious, hopefully he’ll be mended soon…