I take a bunch of photos to use for social media to support some upcoming collaborations with Glengoyne…

ON a mission to get the decks cleared before I jump on the bus to take something I was testing back to our pal Martyn a few villages away. Too heavy to carry for three miles and I’ll get a decent walk back home.

I get there just before 11am and we enjoy a good catch up over a coffee before I embark on the walk home listening to a social media marketing podcast along the way.

There’s some more work to be done before lunch, then I wrap the pork loin in a bacon weave ready for the smoker tomorrow. I catch the process on video with the GoPro with the idea of editing up  quick video showing how to make it and sticking it on Facebook. It’ll give me an opportunity to use a wee novelty song I wrote a year ago as a suitable music bed 🙂

Next job is setting up some photos featuring a wee dram of Glengoyne – we want to build a bank of images for the social media needs of our upcoming collaborative projects.

It’s nearly seven when Catriona and Margaret roll up. We have a drink in the garden then go along to Betty and Joe’s a for a wee aperitif (or three!)…by 10pm we;re home and I start making a green curry….