We take some more Glengoyne pix in the garden until the midges drive us indoors!

WE have a lazy morning with Catriona.

She heads off just after midday and I get the smoker fired up for tonight’s dinner…my cousin Fred’s coming for the night.

I try and take some video of the pork going on the smoker for a wee ‘recipe’ video I think might be fun.

There’s some server-side work for a website I’m developing for the local hall – where we recorded the live album – and I get a holding page up while I await content.

Margaret comes out to help bag a few shots for our future Glengoyne promo on social media and I get some bits and bobs done in the office while the pork is smoking.

Once Margaret’s finished making rhubarb pie int he kitchen I make a start on a big pot of lettuce soup and bang on 7pm Fred rolls up.

It’s really nice to see here and we have a grand night chatting until we realise it’s 4am…