Click above to watch the step-by-step guide to making a bacon-wrapped smoked pork loin!

CHECKING emails first thing, there’s a note in from one of Scotland’s bigger promoters enquiring if I’d be available to open for the North Mississippi Allstars on Sunday (25 June) night at Oran Mor in Glasgow.

Of course! That’d be fun…and we’ve got pals here from the ‘States who would no doubt enjoy coming along. They need to clear with the band and their tour manager so we should hear if it;s a go-er later on.

The wood guy shows up just after 8am with our order – three cratefuls of seasoned hardwood – and dumps it in front of the woodshed. That’s the next couple of hours taken care of!

As soon as I’ve finished breakfast I start stacking it in the woodshed. Luckily it;s a nice day and there’s no midges around.

Once the wood’s done, I go into the studio and finish off the step-by-step bacon-wrapped smoked pork loin video. Just a bit of fun, really, and set it to upload to my YouTube channel.

While that’s churning away I get weedkiller down and clean the little Japanese fountain before making some lunch.

Once the video’s uploaded to YouTube I set it to go to Facebook too then get on with some more work int he office.

I nip out for a walk and stop at the other side of the bay to check emails. The North Mississippi Allstars show is a go-er so I do a quick Facebook livestream to help spread the word. Info here!

Also, an email from Glengoyne has an idea about a wee collaboration for World Music Day…short notice (it’s Wednesday!), but I think we can do something so I call them to discuss and arrange to go along and shoot a wee video session tomorrow morning.

Margaret’s got a local community meeting tonight so I knock up black pepper tofu a little earlier than usual…then she heads off. Martyn pops in for a beer and a catch up then when Louise and Margaret get back we blether a while longer then they head off.