NEEDLESS to say it;s after 11am when we wake up!

No sunshine, but it;s quite nice outside so we have breakfast in the garden before Fred heads off.

I make some plans for a Facebook livestream at 6pm and send out all sorts of teasers and notifications then get on with some bits and bobs of work…cleaning the smoker, dealign with emails and stuff.

Just after 5pm I tune the banjo and a couple of guitars, set up the laptop for the lievstream and ensure my iPhone has a reasonable 4G signal then tether it to the laptop (our home broadband’s too slow to do a livestream).

All’s good…until a few seconds before go live when my phone’s data signal suddenly drops from 4G to 3G. No reason whatsoever. We fart about for about 20 minutes fighting the technoogy and unrelaibel connection before I have to give up. Mighty embarrassing, a waste of a few hours and downright frustrating.

I take a walk to find a ‘better’ signal and do a quick ‘apology’ on another livestream.

Once I’ve calmed down I nip to the studio to check out the wee bits and bobs of video that I grabbed during the prep and smoking of the bacon-wrapped pork loin. 

I get the bones of an edit together – just a wee fun thing to give me an excuse to use a novelty song I wrote that hasn’t seen the light of day – then go back to the house for a late dinner…