We catch up with our pals Eric and Eve from Eau Claire for a couple of drinks…

I DROP Margaret off in Glasgow and go to McDonalds for some budget breakfast coffee and free wiifi.

I get a good couple of hours’ work done – mostly promoting Sunday’s upcoming show with the North Mississippi Allstars at Oran Mor – then head down to the Scottish Music Centre to drop some stuff off…then onto the Soul Barber Room in Finnieston for a haircut.

Scott and Lisa have two shops in quite close proximity and both of them are excellent barbers. I’m always reluctant to go anywhere else or let anyone else near my barnet.

There’s always great music, banter and, of course, the best haircut in town. Oh, and the coffee’s immense. Way better than your average high street coffee house 🙂

Next stop, a school in Milton to play a few songs for the kids before their school talent contest.

I spend half an hour playing and chatting with the kids then hit Costco for some lunch and shopping, then Tesco, then pick up Margaret. 

We stop at the Chinese cash’n’carry then on into town to meet our pals Eric and Eve over from the USA for a few days. We take them to the Scotia then The Clutha for a few beers then say cheerio…Margaret’s got a local community trust meeting this evening.

She goes to the meeting and I sort the shopping, make some dinner then a big batch of green curry paste. I’m halfway through making the paste when Margaret texts to say the meeting’s finished and do I want to join everyone for a glass of wine. I do…