QUITE a lot of last minute promo to be done for Sundays show at Oran Mor with the North Mississippi Allstars.

Because the show came in at such short notice, I need to do all I can to leverage some traction and maximise the benefits of the exposure what could be (largely) a new audience. 

I have productive chair with the folks I’m doing the local hall website for…they have no pix, though – so I agree to go through my archives and see what could be used.

Next job is making up set lists. Not just for Sunday, but also next Friday and Saturday’s Almost Blue Festival shows in Dundee….our USA pals arrive tomorrow (Saturday) and are here ’til Friday, so I need to try and clear the decks and get as much stuff out the way before they arrive.

Then I rehearse Sundays set.

I take photos  with Glengoyne making up set lists with a Glengoyne… and Newtone Strings while re-stringing guitars to post round social media through the day and get some exposure without being to blatant.

There’s a couple of bits of food preparation before our guests come, so I get busy with that then go for a wee walk. Margaret’s been getting her feet ‘done’ in the village so picks me up on her way back and gives me a lift home.

We have a chilled night and get more stuff prepared for our guests then manage to get a reasonably early night…bed just after midnight…