Luther (left) and Cody Dickinson – North Mississippi Allstars!

HANGOVER central this morning. Surprise!

We have a late breakfast and chill for a while then I pack the gear and we head into Glasgow ahead of my load in time at Oran Mor so we can show Ted and Laurie a little bit of the west end.

Opening the show at Oran Mor

They go for a wander around Byres Road, meantime, we sort some stuff out while the North Mississippi Allstars get their gear sorted. We’re fed upstairs in the restaurant before soundcheck then it’s time for doors.

There’s a good crowd in and I’m really pleased with the enthusiasm and reception from what is largely another act’s audience…there are, though, quite a few folks who have come specifically to see me despite my last minute invitation to join the show. Thank you folks 🙂

There’s  an early curfew and we’re all loading out soon after 10pm…then for a snack and a coupla drams. Magical night!