A few hoodies on sale in my online store…click the pic!

LOTS to catch up on having done a fair bit of skiving and galavanting last week.

First job is to get the hoodies on sale on my website – we put the new t-shirts up on Friday, but there’s only a few hoodies and I knew we’d sell some, if not all, at the Almost Blue shows. There’s still a couple left, though, so I take some photos and get them online.

The back end system that’s meant to let folks buy stuff from my site using Apple Pay on mobile devices has never worked, so I disable the code until the developer issues a ‘fix’. I’m concerned that a non-working payment option scuppers the whole thing.

With the single – Givers & Takers – from the live album coming out on Friday 14 July I need to change the strategy behind the free EP we made available in May, so I spend a few hours setting things up so it can be used as a mail list sign up incentive. 

By late afternoon my head’s fried with code and I nip out for a walk and some fresh air.

Then it’s back into the office to work on the local hall website. They were meant to be supplying all the photos/graphics, but the handful of images I’ve been sent aren;t really suitable. I trawled through my own photo archives last week and pulled out a bunch of images that will make a decent photo gallery and maybe help with some other parts of the site.

Will drops in for a coffee then I get busy with our black pepper tofu which is finally ready sometime after 10pm. By them we’re both pretty done and flop on the couch and watch episode three of The Loch on STV catchup…we missed this week’s too, but it’s well after midnight when it’s finished and we’re too tired to watch two episodes back-top back…