I BLITZ the work needing done on the local hall website then call to give the secretary a heads up and remind her of some content that I need to populate some of the sections.

She seems happy with the design/layout and when the required content comes through I add it in. I also need to do some server-side work and set up email accounts and forwarding so they  can use the website domain. All looks a bit more credible and professional.

Once done, I email a short list of things required before I hand the site over to the hall committee. Need to get this put to bed and off my desk!

Givers & Takers – the single from the forthcoming live album – is released next Friday (14 July) – it’s download/streaming only and really just a way of getting some more advance airplay. Even so, I need to get the promo download links out to all the radio folks and news releases out to relevant media. I write the news release and sort out the download ready to go out tomorrow.

Another web client has sent a DVD with a video to on her band’s website…and wants a little work done on her solo site. The DVD needs ripped and the resulting video file edited and uploaded….I’m concerned that this is quite a lot of work and she won’t be expecting to pay for a couple of hours of my time for what is a seemingly simple job. 

A walk up the lochside clears my head. On the way home my pal Martyn calls…he’s needing some help/advice about his new website and wondering if I can go into their office tomorrow to spend a day helping out. Unfortunately I have a meeting locally in the afternoon, so that’s not a go-er…I invite him round later for a chat and a beer.

Back home we make some burgers for the kids coming on Saturday and Margaret makes a ‘skinny’ lasagne using aubergine instead of pasta which we devour before Martyn arrives. We spend a couple of hours chatting and I give what I hope is some useful advice…